HIPED Initiatives

At The HIPED Foundation, we champion vulnerability as our cornerstone, and we envision a world where teenagers feel empowered to embrace their emotions and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Our approach involves a range of initiatives and programs designed to create a nurturing and supportive environment for youth.

Gratitude Growth

Our flagship initiative, Gratitude Growth, is a comprehensive program aimed at developing a culture of positivity and emotional intelligence in schools. With a robust 12-week curriculum, we engage students in weekly sessions, each lasting an hour. Through various exercises, discussions, and activities, we help students recognize the power of emotions, specifically gratitude. Our program goes beyond theory; it provides practical tools and experiences that foster a deep understanding of emotional well-being.

HIPED Huddles

Our monthly gatherings, known as Hiped Huddle, provide local teenagers with a safe and inclusive space to connect, create new friendships, and explore various aspects of personal growth. These events, lasting 5-7 hours, offer a mix of activities and discussions focused on vulnerability, resilience, and positive growth. Whether we're delving into entrepreneurship or emotional intelligence, our goal is to foster a sense of community where teens feel supported, valued, and empowered to be themselves.


Quarterly events like Hiped Fest offer teenagers an exciting and interactive experience. These gatherings feature live music, engaging activities, food, and drinks—all provided free of charge. Hiped Fest aims to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where teens can unwind, have fun, and build connections. It's a celebration of positivity and togetherness.