We live HIPED!


Contentment, Joy, and Fulfillment: Working daily to embody this, striving daily to teach others to find it within themselves.


Where Creativity & Motivation are born. Where Reflection & Exploration thrive.


Practicing Gratitude daily, focusing on the good in every result. Seeking out those who bring joy, education, and support to surround and engage with.


Bringing excitement and purpose to daily activities. Making each life moment more vibrant and fulfilling.


Endless possibilities. Boundless potential. Ambitious goals. Purpose & Determination in the pursuit of passions.

The Heart Behind It All

Dominick Adams founder of The HIPED Foundation, a college athlete, businessman, and speaker. A passionate advocate for mental health The HIPED Foundation is the manifestation of his vision to address accessibility and early support for mental health in teens and young adults. Dom has been tireless in his mission to deliver his message through social media, podcasting, multiple National convention speeches, and has now partnered with leading retailer Amazon to exponentially grow HIPED Foundation’s ability to change lives.

Heroes Mint

Become a hero for the next generation!

Supporting The HIPED Foundation’s teen mental wellness initiatives.

Together we will make lives better!